About Us:

Travel Design Tour Operator

Travel Design is a Tour Operator specializing in Tailor-Made Trips. Our expertise includes Honeymoon Trips, Luxury Trips and Round the World Trips.
Our trips are customized to meet the needs of those who look for well-structured long itineraries, from Australia to the United States, up to South Africa and the Emirates.
Those who choose Travel Design are in the hands of a specialized Tour Operator, formed by expert advisors that personally know each destination offered. For those travellers seeking Tailor-Made Travel experiences and high-quality services, we take care of every single detail of the trip, offering cutting-edge services.
We carefully analyze each request and work hard to meet our client’s needs in order to offer a Tailor-Made Trip that fulfills their expectations.
A Tailor-Made Trip means travel Plans can be modified according to the specific needs of the clients, from the period chosen to travel to the itinerary and the level of the services.

Our trip consultants are:


Max Loyola

Loyola has a long experience in Tour Operating, he has been product manager in many important companies, regional and nation-wide. He has always devoted his professional career to organizing Quality Trips. His specialization has been reinforced by constant trips to long-term destinations: United States, Canada, Hawaii, Mexico, the Caribbean, Polynesia, Cook Islands, Fiji Islands, Australia, South Africa, Emirates, Mauritius, Maldives, Hong Kong, and Bali, among others.

At Travel Design, Max Loyola is the heart and soul of the activity of creating and organizing tailor-made trips. Above all, Honeymoon Trips and Around the World tours, two things that require the utmost professionalism.


Raffaella Musso

Planner, researcher, coordinator, narrator, tour leader but above all traveller.

A passionate nomad by nature, Musso has travelled the whole world but always returns to her true great love: Asia and the Middle East.

From Iran to India and Burma, from China to Japan, from Indochina to Indonesia; continents and countries, simple “regions” and far away islands, passion has no limits or boundaries.

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