May 2018 Edition

Pursuant to art. 13 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679, and on the basis of what is set forth in the General Order of the Italian Data Protection Authority no. 229/2014 of 8 May 2014, Travel Design Srl provides the visitors of this website by means of this extended information notice with some details regarding the cookies used and methods for cookies deactivation.

The information notice is provided only for the website (hereinafter Website) and not for other websites possibly visited by the user through the link. Further details on such other websites may be found under the respective information notices/policies.

The consent to the use of cookies is provided by the user through continued browsing or scrolling of the page.

In the event that the visitor of the Website disagrees with the content of such information notice, he/she is invited to disable cookies, before continuing browsing, by using the instructions referred to under paragraph “MANAGE COOKIES OPTIONS”.

This information notice may be changed over time as a result of legislative and regulatory integrations or amendments (if any) and as a result of updating the content and functionalities of the Website. The visitors of the Website are therefore invited to consult and periodically verify this information notice.

  1. Identity of the controller

The Controller is Travel Design S.r.l., Via Giuseppe Palumbo 12, 00195 Rome, [email protected].

  1. What cookies are

Cookies are text files which store information on the device used by the visitor for browsing (on his/her hard disk, tablet, smartphone or browser used).

For the Website cookies act as a memory allowing the Website to recognize the device used by the visitor at each access: they simplify the storage of preferences and, by detecting the technical modes of use of the Website, they allow further improvements to the functionalities and general usability.

The computer systems and software procedures used for operating the Website automatically acquire some information regarding web browsing of which the transmission is implicit in the use of internet communication protocols.

In the Website, such personal data are used for the exclusive purpose of obtaining anonymous statistical information on the use of the Website and to control its proper operation. The session cookies are used only for the duration of the session of the browser used.

  1. Use of cookies

Travel Design uses cookies to gather statistical data on visitors and record information on preferences during exploration of the Website. Our purpose in the use of cookies is to improve the experience offered by our website to visitors.

  1. Types of cookies

The Website uses either first party cookies (or owner cookies) and third party cookies. First party cookies are only technical cookies, while third party cookies may be either analytic cookies or profiling cookies.


The Website uses technical cookies for which, according to the Order of the Italian Data Protection Authority no. 229/2014 of 8 May 2014, no data subject’s consent is required.


The Website allows the setting of Third Party cookies. Such cookies are not under the control of the Website’s controller as directly set by the managers of Third Parties’ websites and used for the purposes and with the methods defined by the latter.

Please find below further details about Third Party cookies used.


These cookies are configured and used to gather information in an anonymous format and to analyse some aspects of browsing our Website; for example, the most visited pages, the interest level, statistics in an aggregate form on the use of the website visited.

Data generated by Google Analytics are stored by Google Inc. as indicated in the relevant Google Inc. Information notice. Google Inc. processes data as an autonomous controller; further details on the methods of processing may be found under Google Inc. Privacy Information Notice.

For deactivation of the collection of data for the purposes of any analysis carried out by Google Analytics, please visit the page “Additional browser component for the deactivation of Google Analytics”.


The integration of the Website with social networks allows the latter to acquire data related to the visit of the Website. Social networks acquire data related to the visit also by clicking the related icons on the Website. Therefore, through integration with the Website and through use of the icons, social networks set up third party cookies which may also carry out more or less anonymised profiling procedures. However, the Website does not share any browsing information or visitor’s data with social networks.

For sake of maximum transparency, please find below links where the visitor may inspect the privacy information notice related to the management of data by social networks with which it is possible to interact through the Website:






Google +

In order to prevent monitoring by social networks, it is necessary to close the social networks’ sessions accessed before visiting the Website.

  1. Manage cookies options

The visitor may refuse, disable cookies from his/her browser and/or erase all cookies which are currently saved on his/her device by intervening on the settings of his/her web browser.

Please consider that the change of settings of cookies on browsers could prevent the opportunity to completely use the Website’s functionalities.

Each browser shows different procedures for management of the settings.

Please find below the main browsers used, with the addresses where information for changing cookies settings may be found.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Apple Safari (iOS)

The deactivation of third party cookies is also possible through methods made directly available by companies acting as controllers, as indicated under links referred above.

  1. Other cookies options – duration of the processing

The permanence of cookies depends on their nature.

Session cookies expire when the user closes the browser; persistent cookies have variable expiration dates which typically vary from a few hours to several years but usually, except some exceptions, do not exceed 20 years.

  1. Methods of processing

Processing shall be carried out with the Controller’s automated tools. No disclosure or communication is made.

  1. Provision of data

The provision of data depends on the data subject’s choice who decides to browse the Website after having read the short information notice under the special banner.